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Storage tips

Proper storage: Self-storage tips from a professional

A storage room can be rented quickly. Moving, transport and storage organization can be managed quickly and easily with the following tips.

TIP 1: Professionally assess storage requirements

People with little storage experience tend to overestimate their space requirements. In this case, a simple rule of thumb helps: For the storage of furnishings of 10 m2 of living space, only 1 m2 of storage space is required. Therefore, the furnishings of an average 60 m2 apartment (without kitchen equipment) will fit in a storage unit of about 6 m2.

Our warehouse professionals are happy to help if uncertainty arises as to whether the chosen space fits your individual requirements: Our staff is available for individual consultation via the toll-free hotline (Germany: 0800 491 491 0, Austria: 0800 244 244, Switzerland: 0800 491 491), live chat or at the location of your choice. With a trained eye, years of experience and the ability to perfectly utilize every inch of storage space, they always find the optimal space solution.

TIP 2: Packing correctly

Things that are stored for a longer period of time or (like mirrors and paintings) are particularly sensitive should be packed with special precautions. Our shop will supply you with what you need.

The following applies when packing boxes:

  • Use larger boxes for lighter and smaller boxes for heavier items.
  • A box should not weigh more than 20 kg so it can still be easily and stably transported.

TIP 3: Space-saving storage

In order to fully utilize the potential of a storage room, it is recommended to

  • dismantle furniture,
  • raise tables and sofas on edge,
  • utilize the room height through intelligent stacking and
  • stow smaller items in larger ones.

Also, be sure to store heavy items at the very bottom and lighter items at the top.

TIP 4: Create an overview

Where was that toaster again? If you don't want to keep looking for things, you should create a storage layout plan. It's best to hang this info to the inside of the unit’s door so it's ready whenever you visit – and store boxes in such a way that labels from the move remain legible.

  • What you need more frequently should also be placed near the door.
  • Leaving a narrow aisle clear in the middle of the storage unit also helps when trying to get to stored items.
  • To prevent tedious rummaging for files and documents, it is also advisable to sort and store folders within reach. Upon request, we offer support with stable shelf solutions from our shop.

TIP 5: Comprehensive protection

Insurance for the contents of your storage unit is required in order to ensure the full protection of stored goods. If your household/contents insurance does not offer corresponding protection, you can simply avail yourself of the unit insurance of our partner (Donauversicherung (DE/AT) and Helvetia (CH)).

Do you have further questions about using your self-storage room?

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

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