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Packaging material

The right protection for your items

The shop for safe storage

Packaging material, shelves and the like from MyPlace – SelfStorage

In good hands: Our shop equips you with everything you need for safe transport and storage.

Whether traditionally on site or digitally when booking a storage room: The right material is always at hand.


Verpackungsmaterial Karton klein
Cardboard Box SMALL

W44/D38/H30 cm*

CHF 4,00

folding instructions

Verpackungsmaterial Karton mittel
Cardboard box MEDIUM

W66/D38/H30 cm*

CHF 4,50

folding instructions

Verpackungsmaterial Karton groß
Cardboard Box LARGE

W48,5/D46/H45 cm*

CHF 5,00

folding instructions

Verpackungsmaterial Kleiderkarton
Cardboard for garments

Keep clothes hanging!

W54/D52/H132 cm*

CHF 18,00

Verpackungsmaterial Regalkarton
Shelf Cardboard

W42/D32/H29 cm*

CHF 4,50

folding instructions

Cases and foils

Verpackungsmaterial Matratzenhülle klein
Mattress cover SMALL

130x240 cm

CHF 3,50

Verpackungsmaterial Matratzenhülle gross
Mattress cover LARGE

180x240 cm

CHF 6,50

Verpackungsmaterial Sesselhülle
Armchair cover

160x130 cm

CHF 3,00

Verpackungsmaterial Couchhülle
Sofa cover

300x130 cm

CHF 3,00

Verpackungsmaterial Luftpolsterfolie
Air bubble foil roll

Roller 100 cm x 5 lfm

CHF 7,50

Verpackungsmaterial Handdehnfolie
Stretching foil

45 cm / 300 lfm,


CHF 18,00

Safely stored

Verpackungsmaterial Kleberolle
Eco duct tape

5 cm / 50 lfm

CHF 1,50

Verpackungsmaterial Schloss Gross
Padlock LARGE

with 2 keys

CHF 19,90

Verpackungsmaterial Schloss klein
Padlock SMALL

with 2 keys

CHF 10,90

Verpackungsmaterial Zahlenschloss vierstellig
Padlock numbers

4-digit number 

CHF 18,90

Verpackungsmaterial Schwerlastregal
Heavy duty shelving

W90/D40/H180 cm

max. load/ shelf 175 kg

CHF 49,90

* Internal dimensions, slight deviations are possible due to production / all prices include VAT.

More is more

If you choose multiple products, we reward your purchase with attractive discounts:

  • DISCOUNT PACKAGE S: 10 shop products = 10% discount on the sale total
  • DISCOUNT PACKAGE M: 20 shop products = 15% discount on the sale total
  • DISCOUNT PACKAGE L: 30 shop products = 20% discount on the sale total
  • DISCOUNT PACKAGE XL: 50 shop products = 25% discount on the sale total

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