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Take out storage unit insurance with MyPlace

Protecting your belongings is a top priority at MyPlace SelfStorage. After all, it's about safeguarding the value of your property against burglary, vandalism, fire and water damage, even in the event of a catastrophe. For this reason, we recommend that our tenants either include the stored goods in their household insurance or take out a basic insurance policy with our cooperation partners.

Why do you need your own insurance for your stored goods?

While our storage facilities are already insured, the insurance of your stored goods depends on their value, which can vary greatly. Therefore, the insurance for all tenants must be determined and concluded individually. For this, we recommend using the basic insurance of our cooperation partners Donauversicherung (Germany/Austria) and Helvetia (Switzerland).

It is also possible to arrange insurance for the stored goods through your existing household insurance.

What does storage unit insurance cover and what does it not cover?

The insurance premium of the basic insurance (€ 6,- or CHF 6,- for a rental period of 4 weeks) covers a goods value of up to € 4.000,-/CHF 4.000,-. Of course, you can increase this amount further: For every € 1,000,-/CHF 1,000,- of additional insured value, the premium increases by € 1.50,-/CHF 1.50,-.

However, certain items cannot be insured, including cash, stamps, gold, silver and jewellery.

What are you insured against with storage unit insurance?

With a basic insurance policy from our cooperation partners Donauversicherung (Germany/Austria) and Helvetia (Switzerland), you are insured against the following losses:

  • Fire: Damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, their unavoidable consequences as well as by crash and impact of manned aircraft.
  • Burglary/vandalism: Damage caused by burglary or attempted burglary.
  • Tap water: Damage caused by water leaking from supply and discharge pipes of water supply, hot water supply or central heating systems (whereby the insured objects - if they are located below street level - must be stored at least 12 cm above the floor).
  • Storm: Damage caused by storm, hail, snow pressure, rockslide, rockfall or landslide.
  • Rain and snow: As an extension of the contractually agreed storm cover, damage caused by rain, snow and melt water to insured items inside the building is deemed to be included in the insurance - provided the water has entered through the roof, gutters or external drainage pipes.

Taking out insurance – this is how it works

We want to make sure that you not only find optimal storage space with us, but also enjoy a reassuring feeling of security. That is why we offer you the option of taking out insurance for the contents of your storage space directly with us. When signing the rental contract, you will be informed that we have no knowledge of the extent, type as well as the value of the stored items. For this reason, the contents of your compartment are not automatically insured by us. However, you can choose this important protection yourself.

The process of taking out insurance with us is simple and flexible. You have the choice:

  • The insurance is concluded on site.
  • With the convenient online option, you can arrange the insurance conclusion entirely according to your preferences.

The choice of premium is also in your hands. We understand that every storage need is individual, so we offer you different options for the premium so you can choose the insurance that best suits your needs.

Any questions? We are here for you

Your safety and satisfaction are important to us. We want you to feel that you are in good hands and can store items with us without any worries. That's why we are happy to answer all your questions about taking out insurance, but also about other practical services or choosing the right storage space size. Our competent staff will be happy to assist you at the location of your choice. Alternatively, you can use our online service or contact us via our toll-free hotline (Germany: 0800 491 491 0, Austria: 0800 244 244, Switzerland: 0800 491 491). We are here to help you every step of the way and provide you with the best possible storage experience.

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