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Furniture Storage at MyPlace

Our storage compartments are the perfect place for storing furniture – clean, dry, light-protected, and equipped with modern security measures. However, even with the perfect storage space, there are a few essential steps to take when storing furniture for longer periods. Some preparation is necessary to ensure that your furniture remains in mint condition while in storage.

10 Tips for Proper Furniture Storage

We have gathered the top 10 tips to help you keep your furniture in perfect condition, even during extended storage:

1. Choose Which Pieces to Store

Consider which pieces of furniture are worth storing for an extended period. Storing furniture doesn't have to be expensive, but larger storage spaces can become a significant financial factor in your budget over time. Sometimes, it's wiser to part with old or damaged furniture rather than keeping it. Factor in both the monetary and emotional/aesthetic value of each piece. If you want to know how much space your furniture actually takes up, you can use our storage space calculator for an initial estimate.

2. Avoid Basements and Moisture

Avoid storing furniture in the basement, as the dampness can cause wood to swell. Fluctuating humidity levels can also lead to cracks as wood expands and contracts. Such problems are non-existent in our self storage units that feature temperature and humidity control.

3. Clean and Maintain Furniture Before Storage

Thoroughly clean the furniture before storing. Check drawers, compartments, upholstery crevices, etc., for items that could attract pests or harm the furniture, such as food or rust-prone metal objects, and remove them. Wipe surfaces with a damp cloth and apply wood care oil if needed. Upholstered furniture can be cleaned with specialized fabric cleaners before storage. Also, wrap your furniture in blankets to protect them from dirt, dust, transport damage, and condensation. You can find suitable packaging materials at MyPlace.

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can cause wood and textiles to fade. Avoid direct contact with sunlight. Additionally, sunlight can reduce humidity, causing wood to shrink. Therefore, choose a space with minimal sunlight exposure for safe storage.

5. Ensure Air Circulation & Prevent Mold

Leave a ventilation gap between the wall and the furniture to ensure proper air circulation and prevent moisture buildup, which could lead to mold or mildew. You can also store furniture on pallets to ensure good ventilation from underneath and protect against ground moisture.

6. Store Fragile Pieces in Bubble Wrap

Wrap delicate objects, furniture made from precious materials, mirrors, and pieces with glass elements in bubble wrap to protect them from scratches and damage. However, avoid using regular plastic wrap as it can trap moisture, leading to damage and mold. Instead, use special breathable furniture wrap that allow moisture to escape.

7. Disassemble and Label Furniture

Disassemble furniture to save space, if needed. Label individual components to make reassembly easier. A pencil works best for labeling. Be as precise as possible to save time and effort later. Collect screws and small parts in cotton bags, label them, and ideally attach them to the corresponding piece of furniture.

8. Vacuum Seal Carpets

Vacuum-seal carpets to reduce their size and protect them from dirt and dust. This method also prevents moths from reaching the fabric.

9. Stack Furniture in Order of Size

Systematically store furniture by size to maximize available space. Follow the rule of placing heavier items at the bottom and lighter items on top. Another tip: store furniture you might need sooner closer to the front.

The video below shows you what storage according to this system can look like:

10. Ensure Stability

Ensure that all furniture components are stored securely to prevent injuries when entering the storage room or retrieving stored items.

By following these 10 steps, you can ensure that your furniture is well-protected during storage and can be used again in excellent condition. Take advantage of our transport and moving services to transport your furniture to your storage location of choice.

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Furniture Storage at MyPlace – Enjoy the Benefits

Your furniture will find a perfect temporary home in our storage compartments. We've summarized all the benefits of furniture storage at MyPlace for you:

  • Ideal Storage Conditions: Our storage rooms are safe, clean, and feature temperature and humidity control. Additionally, no sunlight enters the rooms. These conditions are perfect for keeping your furniture in perfect condition, even during longer stints in storage.
  • Maximum Flexibility: You can adjust the storage duration after a minimum rental period of two weeks to suit your needs. You can also switch to larger or smaller units as needed.
  • Short Transport Routes, Freight Elevators, and Free Parking: You can park on-site without fees and comfortably transport your stored items to your storage unit using short, barrier-free routes and convenient freight elevators.
  • Expert Advice: Our storage experts are happy to help you out you over the phone, via email, or in person. Whether you are interested in various additional services, you need help choosing the right size for your storage room, or you want to learn about proper storage methods – don’t hesitate to get in touch!
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