Facts and Numbers

Company data

Companyname:Selfstorage-Dein Lagerraum LV GmbH
Area of business:Rental of storage units to private and commercial users
Additional services:Insurance of the storage contents, sales of storage accessories, transportation, vacating and waste disposal
Foundation:Vienna, May 1999
Registered office:Vienna, Austria
Partners:The Gerhardus an Hild families; Ysselbach GmbH, Fremont-Myplace L.L.C.
Management:Martin Gerhardus, Hubert Spallart, Paul Visotschnig, Herbert Hild
Operative branch offices:Munich (7), Berlin (17), Potsdam (1), Hamburg (5), Nuremberg (2), Frankfurt (1), Offenbach (1), Wiesbaden (1), Mainz (1), Stuttgart (2), Leipzig (1), Vienna (12), Graz (1), Zurich (3), Linz (1)
Total number of units:46.000
Operative surface:255,000 square metres
Number of employees:200

Data branch offices

Volume investment/branch offices:ca. 6-7 million Euro
Average number of branch offices:7,500 square metres
Number of units per branch office:ca. 800 – 1,000
Unit size:1-50 square metres
Unit sizes/branch offices:ca. 70 different sizes
Customers in Germany/Austria/Switzerland:28.000

Customer information

Office hours:Mo - Fr: 8:30 - 17:30
Sa 9:00 - 13:00
Access to the units:Mo - Su: 6:00 - 22:00
Security:Access control with number codes, individual unit keys, 24h video surveillance, modern alarm systems, guard service
Price:From € 28 (D)/€ 28 (A)/CHF 56 (CH)
Discounts:Up to -15%
Cooperation partners:Negotiated offers with cooperation partners for relocation services, transportation, rental cars, shelf mounting, disposal